Friday Flybys (v. 9)

Starting with some welcome projections: Teal Group estimates there will be a total of 99 satellites launched into orbit in 2005, compared with launch (or attempted launch) of 73 spacecraft by 55 rockets in 2004 -- an 26% increase.

And doing its part to hit optimistic launch numbers, India is planning to send up a communications satellite devoted to exclusively to
telemedicine. (SpaceDaily)

Speaking of India, the ESA Council has approved a
cooperation agreement between ESA and the Indian Space Research Organisation for India's first moon mission, Chandrayaan-1.

After this week's space security conference in Geneva, Russia and China are urging an international pact to
prevent the deployment of weapons in space. (Financial Times)

Meanwhile... the Baltimore Sun argues,
first Hubble, then Mars.

Alan Boyle goes to Esther Dyson's Flight School.

Science Blog looks at the big popularity of
NASA podcasts.

And yet more good
word of mouth for space tourism from a member of the pool of future private space flight customers, quoted in the Lehigh University newspaper: "I would be interested in space travel because Earth has gotten boring," said Chris Cangelose, class of '06.

That's the spirit!

(And he added, "I think ET would be a good guy." )

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