Friday Flybys (v. 8)

A few quick items for the week that includes Pi Day, the Ides of March and St. Patrick's Day...

Mike Griffin's nomination for NASA chief got more glowing press than an Elvis siting in Memphis. Join the nonstop cheers for the incoming NASA administrator
here (collected at NASA Watch), as we continue getting to know him (courtesy of Jeff Foust, The Space Review).

More on the beheading last week of Boeing CEO Harry Stonecipher after the disclosure of his ongoing sexual affair with a female executive at the company... our friends at Law.com, say
'Stonecipher Affair' Signals Changing Climate in Corporate America. Advise your clients.

We applaud the news that
China has established its first space debris observation center.

And from the Lone Star State, Space.com reports on how
Blue Origin Spaceport Plans are Talk of Texas Town. And the Bezos buzz continues...

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