Paper Space

Reports, reports, reports. They may not be a problem for the "macho" contractors like Lockheed and Boeing who have "trusty cost-plus contracts," as Clark Lindsay's recently said in his RLV News Briefs on HobbySpace.

But we do feel for the plight of the small, nimble newcomers who can build hot rocketships but are flummoxed, and even frightened off, as New Scientist reports, by the astronomical amounts of required paperwork.

We can't necessarily explain or even comprehend what in the world NASA wants with "40 to 50 monthly reports on what you're doing," but we can offer some advice: Don't wimp out. Why not just hire some engineering space lawyers! E-mail us at the Probe and we'll be happy to hook you up with space-loving red-tape wrangling counsel to help you with those reports.

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