Get Your 2008 Moot On

Now that the winners of the 2007 Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition have celebrated returning the coveted Lachs Trophy to Washington and reveled in their boundless moot glory, it's not too early for the vanquished and all else who take up the challenge to begin contemplating arguments for the 2008 moot problem. And here it is:

Concordia and Landia v Usurpia: Case Concerning the Continued Provision of Lifeline Satellite Services to Countries in the Face of Satellite Operator Insolvency.

Another space whopper of a case.

Now don't send me your outlines or I will be ever so tempted to post them here. And I trust no one needs to review How to lose an appeal. But here is a primer on Using Westlaw to Research and Write a Moot Court Brief although it's all pretty obvious (but good marketing for Westlaw, too bad I'm not getting paid. And you also know about Lexis, etc., not to mention all the free resources online.)

You can review winning space moot briefs from the 2001 competition (Soliscalor v Cornucopia),
here and here, courtesy of moot organizers and the National University of Singapore, whose team of Geraldine Goh and Celina Chua won the competition that year. (Just for the record, the 2001 runner-up was the University of North Carolina.)

And if you would like to check out a few winning non-space law briefs, there's always the Chicago-Kent College of Law Moot Court Honor Society's
best brief database.

Naturally, here on SLP space moot is our favorite moot. But for those eclectic if not downright obsessive fans of fake court competition everywhere (you know who you are), besides other international law moot events such as the prestigious
Jessup Cup, there are moot, mock, fake, simulated and otherwise not-ready-for-reality-TV (or Court TV for that matter) scholarly battles and competitions in a multiplicity of legal disciplines, including, in no particular order: animal law, human rights, bankruptcy, European law, information technology and privacy law, environmental law, constitutional law, commercial arbitration, intellectual property, trademark, economics and law, negotiation, and lots more.

Yes, it's a mootfest, a veritable parade of unrepentant mootness, all year, every year. So get your moot on. And remember, as always we do not take moot court bets or any other wagers here on Space Game Pr-- I mean, Space Law Probe. (And no, I don't see moot court covered over on Intrade.com, "the prediction market". You're on your own.) (Speaking of predictions, just because I'm from NYC doesn't mean I'm betting against Boston in the moot baseball-- I mean, World Series, either.)

Good luck all!

* * *
Law is the only game where the best players get to sit on the bench.
-- (I have no clue who said this; e-mail me if you know...? ;)

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