Panel in Omaha

(Another key item to add to the line-up of events of legal interest during this space anniversary season....)

In conjunction with
Strategic Space and Defense 2007 which is taking place next week, Oct. 9-11, 2007 in lovely Omaha, the University of Nebraska Law School -- the new space law hot spot -- has put together this interesting space law seminar:

  • Formalism v. Informalism in Space Law - Oct. 9, 2007; 2:30-4:30PM at the Omaha Hilton.

    Here's the description:
    While new formal space treaties (or major amendment of existing treaties) are unlikely in the near future, there are an array of informal mechanisms and national legislation and practice that occur to regulate space--what degree of formalism is most appropriate, do certain informal mechanisms work better than others, what factors impact government choices regarding the degree of formalism, how do the informal mechanisms interact with the formal treaties, will informal mechanisms have to become more formalized over time, how do new space actors impact the choice between formal and informal mechanisms, and among informal mechanisms, given rapidly evolving technology and commercial activities are informal mechanisms going to continue to be the major law making device, how does potentially increasing militarization impact choices between formal and informal mechanisms, what “gaps” or issues in existing law most need “filling” through informal or formal mechanisms, etc.

    Excellent, meaty topic. And these speakers can certainly handle it:

    - Prof. Matt Schaefer, director of UNL College of Law's Space and Telecom Law Program;
    - Steve Mirmina, Senior Attorney, NASA General Counsel’s Office;
    - Darren Huskisson, former Chief Cyber and Space Law, USSTRATCOM;
    - Jonathan Solomon, Legal Officer, Dept. of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada.

    Enjoy! Greetings to friends in Nebraska.

    (Note to Matt -- love the new logo. ;)

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