Wednesday walkabout - 9.25.07

A few quick tidbits (which normally is the function of Friday Flybys, but alas, nothing is ever normal on this blog). . .

  • IAC update: A number of my sources over at the space summit in India this week -- who all seem to be having a great time -- confirm that the schedule, including that of the space law moot court competition, underwent a few last minute changes due to the huge 10-day Indian festival honoring Lord Ganesh (who, I like to think, would have approved of the space congress). Meanwhile, I did hear about a "spirited discussion... in the debris panel ['New Legal Developments in the Protection of the Space Environment'] regarding the possibility of amending the liability convention to allow for proportional liability for damage caused by unidentified debris." (See what we're missing?) I'm now awaiting news about the moot court final. (And as I've said, please, no wagers.)

  • Closer space: While space lovers in India contemplate the Moon and Mars, the Kerala government and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) try to resolve a legal dispute over the purchase of land by ISRO for its space technology institute at Ponmudi.

  • COMSTAC: Back at home, here's the preliminary agenda for the Oct. 11th gathering over at FAA Headquarters.

  • Shana's blog: the deputy chief posts about NASA financial management and other "fairly dry" stuff. (For this she went to law school?) Shana quotes Boss Griffin saying, "all elements of NASA need to be healthy because a failure in financial or legal, among others, can be just as devastating to NASA as a program failure." (Yes, but you can blame the lawyers for those.)

  • Private property and the moon: If you can't get enough PowerPoints (and who can?) Klaus P. Heiss of High frontier has a PowerPoint from Rutger's Lunar Base Symposium last June. (Via HobbySpace)

  • Attention decabillionaires: John Tierney suggests "immortal glory" via Mars.

  • Treaty blues: John Hickman joins the crowd who want the US out of the Outer Space Treaty (The Space Review). A written response from Wayne White (who Hickman cited extensively in the article) will be forthcoming when Wayne's schedule allows. Stay tuned.

  • "The evolving role of law in aerospace activities" -- excerpts from Dr. Ruwantissa Abeyratne's interesting lecture at the Royal Aeronautical Society, Montreal Branch, delivered on August 3, 2007 at ICAO Headquarters, Montreal.

  • Galileo update by Jeff Foust.

  • Dirt rules: The California Space Authority seeks comments on the rules for the 2008 Regolith Excavation Challenge. Deadline for feedback is Oct. 1, 2007. (And here's my nephew Jake "Skywalker" Londin a few years ago practicing for this type of challenge.)

  • That's right, NASA is still hiring astronauts. Only those with the right astro stuff need apply. But be advised, according to a "key requirement" listed in the job posting, "travel may be required." (Lawyers help write these announcements.)

  • No, the meteorite that landed in Peru and reportedly made locals sick has not been sold on Ebay.

  • Speaking of making folks sick, please call a doctor not a space lawyer when microbes sent into orbit come back stronger and deadlier than ever.

    That's all for now. ;)

    * * *
    IMAGE CREDIT: NASA. (Well I thought this
    untethered EVA more or less illustrated the Wednesday walkabout idea; just hang on tight to your "manned maneuvering unit".)

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