Space law bibliography: 1930-2007

That's right, it's not your grandfather's remote sensing and space law bibliography.

The latest unique resource from our friends at the
National Center for Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law at the University of Mississippi School of Law, who keep quite busy between publishing volumes of the Journal of Space Law, is a hot new book and searchable CD bibliography covering the wide world of published materials concerning remote sensing law and space law, along with (not that this blog would necessarily notice,) air law as well -- from 1930 though 2007.

Read the announcement. Then
order a few hundred copies for your favorite space, remote sensing and aerospace clients and few close friends.

Journal of Space Law: Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law
International Bibliography 1930 - 2007
Book and searchable CD
Price: $45.00

The National Center for Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law is proud to announce a special publication, the Journal of Space Law: Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law International Bibliography 1930 - 2007.

This bibliography is an updated and expanded edition of the first one published by the Center in 2002. As did the first one, this bibliography addresses the legal and policy aspects of remote sensing and space law. However, this second edition has been expanded to include aviation law -- an extensive legal and policy field unto itself. Together, these topics span the entire spectrum of aerospace law.

The bibliography covers domestic and international literature, published in various languages, related to remote sensing, air, and space law and policy issues. It includes, for example, publications on data policy, privacy, liability, insurance, intellectual property, public law, and commercialization in the form of books, dissertations, reports, proceedings, symposia, government publications and other materials published between 1930 and 2007. Though the bibliography's focus is on law, a few relevant scientific and technical publications that can serve the lawyer, law student, and legal assistant as a reference are included.

The bibliography contains a special section on U.S. case law. It includes state and federal cases in which remotely sensed and other geospatial data were used in a variety of legal proceedings, particularly litigation. There is also a section on recent aviation case law from 1990 to 2007. Selected law review articles that discuss some of the cases are also listed. Research was conducted in the Westlaw, Lexis, and OCLC/Worldcat databases. Search terms included geographic information systems, GIS, geospatial, geospatial data, remote sensing, aerial photography, aerial photography, satellites, satellite images, global positioning system, GPS, radar, aerial images, and thermal imagery.

The bibliography is published as both a text and a searchable CD.


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