Virginia makes space law history

In a year that marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the space age, leave it to the Commonwealth of Virginia -- where lawmakers have never been shy to shape a bit of history -- to enact a first of its kind state space law.

After all the legal buzz, effective July 1, 2007, the
Spaceflight Liability and Immunity Act is the law in Virginia, signed, as anticipated, by Governor Kaine yesterday. As I've noted (here and here, etc.) supporters of the bill, including the sure-footed lawyers at the Personal Spaceflight Federation, see this measure as a solid step in furtherance of Virginia's keen interest in space business and suborbital tourism. Other states in our space-faring republic are sure to follow.

Jack Kennedy at Spaceports, lawyer and himself a former Virginia legislator, who worked on the landmark law, also
notes the efforts of SFF, NSS, and Virginia's regional technology councils in getting the law onto the books.

Jack has more coverage
here on space-related goings on at the VA General Assembly.

SLP applauds the newly minted Virginia space measure and hopes no trial court ever finds before it a case in which this law applies.

(And to space age citizens who, understandably, prefer less space law, rather than more: our condolences. However, going forward, you're probably just gonna have to get used to this sort of thing. ;)

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