Lawyers on The Space Show

Not again! Well it isn't Dr. David Livingston's fault. When you host a popular long-running multimedia interview show covering a range of fascinating topics of interest to the whole space world, you can't avoid lawyers -- they'll just want to come on and talk, talk, talk. David may even secretly like lawyers, too. In any case, he does little to discourage them...

So far this year
The Space Show has featured two excellent interviews with space lawyers. Most recently, Declan O'Donnell sat in the hot seat and deftly fielded questions about international space law and the Outer Space Treaty, space property rights, liability issues and a lot more. He also discussed his organization, United Societies in Space (USIS) and what many agree is a need for a pro-business regulatory system that favors space development. Here's the show summary and Declan's bio. And now listen to the MP3 (March 12, 2007).

By the way, Declan reminded everyone he will be speaking in September at
IAC 2007, in Hyderabad, India.

And last month, if you missed it, The Space Show again nabbed the one and only
Jim Dunstan, who's always engaging and illuminating. Jim covered in depth FAA's brand new human space flight regulations, and he also brought along some interesting materials (-- space show and tell!) he had put together and which I will definitely link in a whole separate post. Right now, grab this podcast, I recommend it. Here's a bio for Jim and of course you can find him at his law firm, Garvey Schubert Barer.

Yes, 2007 is shaping up to be another fab year in space law media. And it's only March. Thanks David! Well watch for announcements of more space lawyers on the Show. (And truly, David must be eligible for some sort of prize for his graciousness, patience and, well, endurance, don't we all agree? ;)

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