Second Life for Pluto

Pluto defenders around the world are still at it. Here in the US, taking up the issue as a state matter, California lawmakers gave it a shot first. Now the State of New Mexico has conjured up a resolution to declare Pluto a planet, and further, to proclaim today, March 13, 2007, "Pluto Planet Day." (House Joint Memorial 54, introduced by Joni Marie Gutierrez.) I'm not sure the status of the measure. (I read reports that it was tabled for future consideration.) But does it matter? It's the celestial thought that counts. (IAU who?)

To commemorate Pluto Planet Day, for what it's worth, and to applaud New Mexico's Plutonian vision (although I don't necessarily agree), and to celebrate the 77th anniversary of the announcement of the discovery of the heavenly body named Pluto, whatever in fact it is, I took a look back at an interactive event on Second Life titled, "Is Pluto a Planet?" with Troy McLuhan, which took place on central stage of the International Spaceflight Museum, located at Spaceport Alpha. The debate happened some months ago, I missed the event in real time (or more precisely, SL time), but Troy sent me a transcript of the fun and somewhat edifying proceedings. And yes, a bit of law was cited. If you want a copy of the transcript of this very casual, very Second Life-like event (and if you've ever been on SL you know what I mean by that), send me a note.

And I'll be posting any other space law related news from SL. (So far no space lawyers have hung out a shingle on the much-hyped virtual 3D world. But yes, there are lots of lawyers over there. I was thinking of starting a group called SLSLSL -- Second Life Space Law Society & Lounge. Nah...)

For the blogspace record, the International Spaceflight Museum is the coolest destination on SL. Well, at least the coolest G-rated destination. (I won't discuss some of the other places I may have teleported to. This is a family blog.)

By the way, if you are a member of SL you can teleport to Spaceport Alpha by clicking
here. Walk right into the museum from there. Hope I bump into you. (I'm no hot-shot 3D scripter or digital fashionista, so be kind when you see my avatar. I don't get out there much and she could definitely use some new hair.)

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