SPACE Act of 2007

Yes, it's March Storm time again (and what a relief that this is March -- last year's March Storm began in February).

Here's your registration application and other info for
March Storm 2007 if you'd like to participate in the ProSpace citizen space lobbyists' well-organized, annual visit to Capitol Hill to discuss hot issues with lawmakers pursuant to ProSpace's goal of "opening the space frontier."

And if you haven't seen it yet, here's the six-page draft
SPACE Act of 2007 (or more formally, the "Space Prizes for the Advancement of Commerce and Enterprise Act of 2007" -- legislation the space savvy citizen lobbyists will call on Congress to introduce and pass that would authorize the establishment of a National Space Prize Board, with an annual budget of $100 million and authority to award prizes up to $400 million.

And according to the March Storm
invitation, other preliminary items on this year's Citizens' Space Agenda include: near earth objects (asteroids and comets), ITAR reform and NASA/Commercial Services.

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