Space biz news via Milbank

(Been tied up and off blogspace for a few days -- deadlines, deadlines; but hopefully I've not missed too much planet-shattering news -- meanwhile, here's a nice, quick tidbit I've been meaning to post...)

Law firm newsletters are a good way to keep up with industry. And they're free. A great example: Space Business Review from
Milbank -- the firm's "monthly round-up of space industry developments for the information of our clients and friends." (And yes, let's just say Milbank has plenty of clients and friends. Not to mention about 550 lawyers and offices around the globe -- New York, Los Angeles, Washington, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing....)

The concise, monthly newsletter focuses on satellites and space telecom business, featuring contracts, IPO's, launches, financing deals and more. Milbank should know. Here's the
Jan. 2007 issue, and an archive of the newsletter since Jan. 2004.

And if you are a space hot shot and can afford to hire Milbank, call
Peter Nesgos.

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