Webcast - space law & globalization summit

The next best thing to being at the University of Mississippi today for the National Center for Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law's day-long roundtable on Space Law in The Era of Globalization (and my earlier post has a list of participating legal luminaries and more background) -- as promised by the roundtable's host, world-traveling space law guru Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz, who has gathered friends from "dozens of space law organizations" around the planet for the event, here is the Webcast of today's space law summit:

Access the
Virtual conference (webcast) -- beginning at 10:00am CMT (that's 11:00am in NYC).
Click the "Cancel" button to bypass username / password.
(Viewable with Quicktime Player, which you can
download for free.)

Those at home or at the office, help yourself to coffee and snacks. Enjoy!

(And please pass the skim milk?)

* * *
Regards from Space Law Probe to all participants!

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