Storm the New Congress

One important item to add to the hot dates in space law for the first quarter of 2007 is of course, ProSpace's never-for-lawyers-only March Storm, taking place March 4 - 7, 2007 on Capitol Hill. (Via Clark Lindsey's HobbySpace.)

A much needed get together for the spanking new 110th Congress and citizen space advocates.

Items on the 2007 storm preliminary agenda:
1. Near Earth Objects (Asteroids and Comets)
2. Prizes for Space Achievements
3. ITAR Reform
4. NASA/Commercial Services

Rand Simberg calls for one additional item: "We need to send a message to incoming chairman Oberstar to keep his hands off our suborbital launch regs."
* * *

UPDATE: Jan. 10 -- Of course, no need to wait until March to hit on the nation's space lawmakers. The National Space Society's Space Budget Blitz 2007, is on for February 11-13, 2007. For this push, as last year, human space exploration activists keep the pressure on "to make clear to Congress why the Vision for Space Exploration is the right path for America." (Helmet tip again, Clark.)

ANOTHER UPDATE: I still say industry should get together and sponsor free suborbital space flights for all 535 members of Congress. Although I don't suppose more than a small handful will take up the offer, what better way to keep 'em excited and thinking seriously about space business?

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