PSF on new space tourism rules

In short article on the new FAA space tourism regulations that go into effect on Feb. 13, Flight Interntional notes "a number of key areas have yet to be decided or are still open-ended."

"The FAA has to establish a performance standard for flightcrews to demonstrate that they can withstand spaceflight, acknowledging that a second-class airman medical certificate is insufficient. The agency has yet to accept methods of environmental control, and will require demonstrations.

It has also not yet determined the amount of launch system verification and flight testing needed, instead taking a case-by-case approach.

The FAA also still has to decide if it will require spaceflight operators to produce a safety record of their own and almost every launch system ever flown. Such a record is deemed necessary to ensure that customers can make an informed choice about whether to fly."

The article quotes Alex Tai, chief operating officer of Virgin Galactic and chairman of the Personal Spaceflight Federation saying, "We would like the industry to come up with an appropriate document and then have the FAA agree to it."

And Alex says Virgina Galactic and PSF are "happy with the FAA rules so far."


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(Hat tip: HobbySpace.)

Image credit: Virgin Galactic (via Caltech)

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