Translating Swedish space law

Space Law Probe loves to make friends around the planet. In response to a post on Friday in which I included a request for help translating a document, relating to the Swedish National Space Board (Rymdstyrelsen), Niklas Persson, a reader from Sweden (via the encyclopedic HobbySpace), quickly stepped in over the weekend and sent a "rough translation".

Niklas, who says he cannot guarantee he has "all the formal language right" concludes, "I hope this gave you an understanding of what the law is about."

Tack så mycket, my friend!

And now, happily, I owe Niklas lunch in NYC (including a good shot -- or two -- of one of my favorite drinks, Absolut).

Here's the mystery document, in English:

Ordinance (1996:80) with instruction for Rymdstyrelsen (Swedish National Space Board)


§ 1 Rymdstyrelsen is a central administrative authority for questions regarding Swedish space and remote sensing, especially regarding research and development.

§ 2 Rymdstyrelsen shall especially
1. Take initiative of research, development and other activities with connection to the Swedish space and remote sensing activities,
2. Coordinate various interested parties activities in the space and remote sensing area
3. Distribute government grants for space research, space technology development and remote sensing activity
4. Work internationally by
a. Preparing matters regarding international space and remote sensing cooperation
b. Be a contact organization for cooperation with international organizations and foreign institutions in the space and remote sensing area and
c. Enter, for the activities, necessary agreements with corresponding foreign agencys and international organizations on condition that the agreements do not require the participation of the Swedish parliament or the advisory council of foreign affairs
5. Prepare matters regarding permission of space activity and exercise control of such activity
6. Register space objects that are specified by ordinance (1982:1069)
regarding space activity
7. Promote appropriate information and documentation activities in the space and remote sensing area.

Ordinance application

§ 3 Ordinance (1995:1322) shall apply Rymdstyrelsen with exception of §§ 19,
20, 30 and 35.

Leadership of the authority

§ 4 The director-general is director of the authority.

Board of directors

§ 5 The board of Rymdstyrelsen consists of at most seven people, the
director-general included. The director-general is president of the board.

Responsibility and tasks of the board

§ 6 Beyond what is stated in §§ 11-13 ordinance (1995:1322) the board shall decide matters regarding:
1. Support to research and development,
2. [firing people under a lot of different circumstances]


§ 7 Other decisions by Rymdstyrelsen, than decisions that according to § 22a administration law (1986:223) shall be appealed at common administration court, can be appealed at the Cabinet, [some exceptions].
Rymdstyrelsen decisions regarding support to research and development can not be appealed.

Transition rules
[old rules apply to appeals of old decisions]

* * *
Image: Odin satellite, developed by the Swedish Space Corporation, on behalf of the Swedish National Space Board.

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