The Space Lawyer Song

Space lawyer. It's a career, job description, esoteric but fast growing legal specialty, and now, at last -- a rock song, complete with live YouTube video, and the unofficial and exclusively unauthorized soundtrack of the previously largely unmusical law blog (or blawg), Space Law Probe. Because indeed, while most blawgs do not boast a theme song or any musical accompaniment, SLP is not most blawgs.

So without further ado, I give you the "the Nation's Premier Law Rock Band," yes, none other than
Mikey Mel and the JD's, performing live at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia, USA, their first would-be superhit single and SLP anthem: Space Lawyer.


(No, these are not Professor Reynolds' students. But look closely at the video and you might see a copy of the Professor's space law text under the amp.)

My professional advice on all this? I would simply offer the following: Stuff that looks cool up on MySpace or YouTube may not necessarily work quite as well on your resume. But never ever let that stop you. Rock on!

* * *
We got satellites out in space
we gotta launch them every day
what if yours was to hit mine
who would we go to for this crime?

Space does not belong to one nation
It does not lie under a single state's jurisdiction
So tell me who will be burned
when people die in condos on Saturn?

... Space lawyer... space lawyer...

Space lawyer won't you come
And tell us who done wrong
Space lawyer wont you say
the other guy's gotta pay pay pay...

--Space Lawyer,
Mikey Mel and the JD's

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