FAA's Nield on The Space Show

An invite for this Sunday, if you're not asleep on the beach or otherwise seasonally engaged: the inimitable Dr. George Nield, FAA's deputy associate administrator for Commercial Space Transportation returns to The Space Show "for updates, new regulatory information and other related news," July 8 ,2007, 12-1:30 PM Pacific.

As our gracious host of The Space Show, Dr. Livingston says, "George is always a fascinating guest who makes his world simple for the rest of us to understand." (That's right, he's not a lawyer. ;)

If you miss the program, no worries -- grab the
podcast. Meanwhile, here's the MP3 of George's last visit to the Show (July 10th, 2005) during which Patti Smith's deputy discussed AST and its regulatory mission, the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act, the RLV launch licensing process, guidelines for spaceflight participants and flight crews, experimental launch permits and lots more.

Listen to FAA before you blast off. (It's the law.)

* * *
IMAGE: A fine photo of XCOR's Randall Clague and Jeff Greason receiving RLV launch license from George (at Space Access '04 in Phoenix, Arizona).

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