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It's not your typical lawyer blawg (if there is such a thing) but yes, the lawyer who is NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale has a blog.

(Shh... Don't tell NASA boss Mike Griffin. He doesn't read blogs.)

I don't know if Shana takes comments, or posts images; the blog appears on a NASA intranet site for agency personnel only (InsideNASA). Posts are picked up by SpaceRef. (Of course Mike reads SpaceRef.) The Deputy says, "I am looking for a more direct way to communicate with people inside the agency. There is so much that goes on at headquarters and I want to be able to pull the curtain back on at least some of it and also explain what is going on with new initiatives." Good idea. (What about the rest of us?)

In the first two posts, Shana shared details of her recent visits to Europe and Russia and reported, "our ISS partners are now in a position to begin serious discussions with NASA on opportunities for human and robotic exploration of the Moon, Mars and beyond." She also blogged about her efforts in connection with NASA’s budget situation and the FY 2008 appropriations for NASA (about which she is "extremely concerned"). And she posted an update regarding Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12).

All this and she watches Food Network, too.

And if Shana ever wants to try her hand at public blogging, she's always welcome as a guest here on SLP ;)

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IMAGE: by Jeff Caplan via Nasa.gov; Ms. Dale "speaks during an all-hands meeting" in June 2006.

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