Chinese Space Policy at Wal-mart

Today while over at Wal-mart.com, looking for things that, I'll readily admit, have nothing at all to do with space law, or anything even remotely related thereto, (hey, it's summer) I stumbled upon this interesting item -- the textbook, Chinese Space Policy: A Study in Domestic and International Politics (2006) by political scientists Roger Handberg and Zhen Li; $115.00 (that's dollars, not Yen).

(Who knew such a treatise would be available from Wal-mart? I must admit, like many New Yorkers, I have never actually been in a Wal-mart. I know it sounds amazing, since each week one-third of the US population visits the world's largest retailer. Really, we are no different from other Americans who, you know, occasionally shop. But we just don't have Wal-marts in Manhattan. This was my first time at Wal-mart.com, too. An eye opener.)

By the way, Chinese Space Policy is of course available on
Amazon, but for five dollars more. (Ditto the book's publisher.) I do note that Wal-mart, unlike Amazon, has the title correct.

If you prefer a review before you buy this expensive treatise, check out the write-up by Dr. Rick W. Sturdevant, deputy command historian at Air Force Space Command, who has, assuredly, read more Chinese space policy books than me. He

Handberg and Li use their analytical model to assess China’s space future. They find China’s recently demonstrated ability to keep its space-faring aspirations aligned with politically available resources both fascinating and praiseworthy. Nonetheless, the direction and success of their space program depends on how the Chinese address four issues: achieving sufficient political stability to ensure continuity in space policy; their stance toward international cooperation; transitioning from a government-dominated to a mixed program; and military space activities. For seasoned space professionals, government officials, academicians, and curious students alike, Chinese Space Policy offers substantial insight to that country’s space-related motivations and actions. (High Frontier, May 2007 at page 69)

More SLP summer reading to follow. Now if you'll excuse me, I have more shopping to do.

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