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Over at Unreasonable Rocket, Paul Breed comments on his visit last week with our lovable space transportation regulators at FAA/AST:
On Monday I flew to DC to meet with AST to discuss my draft experimental permit application and to attend the Experimental Permit workshop. After this series of meetings I'm feeling pretty good about the paperwork side of the process. AST did not ask for anything that was at all unreasonable. The comments to my draft application were entirely reasonable and I'm very hopeful that my next submission will be judged as "Complete enough" to start the 120 day permit clock. Now back to actually building a vehicle capable of competing.
Good to hear its going smoothly, and not at all surprised. (And if chief regulator Patti and the crew have any helpful materials to offer from the workshop, which I understand covered the pre-application consultation, requirements for obtaining a permit, the environmental process, a permitee's financial and other responsibilities, compliance and safety, hazard analysis and more, we would love to see those on the website.

Paul who has "been working diligently" on his FAA filing,
noted last month: "It's up to about 50 pages and I still have at least one hard section still to develop." He said, "I will publish what I submit and any official correspondence from the FAA here. I will not be publishing the rough drafts and the E-mail back and forth as I don't want to inhibit the communication."

Looking forward to whatever Paul posts on this. For now, along those lines -- for our edification and enjoyment -- as I discussed
here, FAA/AST has published a sample reusable suborbital rocket experimental permit application for a hypothetical RLV company named BlueSky (no relation to Blue Origin). Check it out.

By the way, busy as he is putting everything together for XPC, Paul also mentioned making some Unreasonable Rocket tee shirts. Looking forward to those too ;).
(Hat tip:
Dick Stafford.)

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