Friday Flybys - 5.4.07

Well it sure is not every work week that begins with a Law Day and ends with a Space Day!

* * *

I'll make this quick so I can go out for a toast (or two).

  • First, more ways to save the planet, this time from comets, asteroids and all those nasty NEO's threatening to impact on our Third Rock: White Paper from the 2007 Planetary Defense Conference held March 5–8, 2007 at George Washington University, a gathering which "focused on the current state-of-the-art of planetary defense-related technologies and legal, policy, political, and public-response issues that would affect the decision to mount a deflection campaign or to respond to a NEO-related disaster." After all, what have we got to lose?

  • Also out of GWU, Space Planes and Space Tourism: The Industry and the Regulation of its Safety - a study by Dr. Joseph N. Pelton Director, GWU Space & Advanced Communications Research Institute. I haven't yet read it (that's 228 pages) but I will start with the section on "US Regulations and Government Programs" at p. 34) Via HobbySpace, which I'm not surprised to hear is is cited in the report.

    (By the way, notice how Clark is
    cutting back. In a parallel universe. Somewhere.)

  • Interesting controversy surrounding Rep. Calvert's space ads for NASA idea. See Clark's roundup. Makes me crave some Pizza Hut, I don't know about you. (WSJ Online's blog last month received reaction: "Maybe we should allow advertising on ALL gov’t stuff. Our military is already covered in Raytheon, L&M and Boeing logos! How about Airforce 1? Maybe we could rent out advertising space all over the Washington Monument! This is a great idea." Which prompted the follow-up, "Ads on the Washington Monument? For what? Viagra?" Never mind.)

    Speaking of all this, I heard my name over at the
    Rocket Dungeon in connection with a legal question about NASA and advertising, but while I got busy doing the research, looks like Dick may have gotten a bit distracted...) (Saved by the scantily-clad rocket ladies again.)

  • Over at Selenian Boondocks Ken has a sneak peak of the International Space Development Conference (ISDC), (May 25-28 in Dallas) which will include space law of course, featuring Doug Griffith, with Kerry Scarlott covering ITAR, and insurance issues with Kelly Alton and Ralph Harp. More on this to follow.

  • Not space law per se, but for you patent junkies, here's a recap of this week's Supreme Court decision in KSR v. Teleflex, from SCOTUS blog.

  • Contrary to any erroneous reports, Queen Elizabeth II's address to a special joint session of the Virginia General Assembly on May 3, 2007 was to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, not to commend the state on its new space law.

  • Finally, a train derailment, even if the train was transporting a space shuttle reusable solid rocket motor segment to the Kennedy Space Center, is not a space law case.

    For now, happy Space Day, Law Day and all other kind of days. Especially weekends. ;)

    * * *

    IMAGE: By Ryan Glenn, Greenville, SC (winner of last year's Space Day national t-shirt art contest).

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