New COMSTAC stuff

If you're into viewing PowerPoints online... FAA's Office of Commercial Space Transportation has posted a compilation of presentations from the May 2007 COMSTAC meetings. (Mostly PowerPoints, as usual; too bad we don't have video of this stuff.)

A few selections:

Ken Wong of FAA/AST licensing and safety division gave an update of the human space flight
study required by Congress (due Dec 23, 2008).

Personal Spaceflight Federation's overview (by Brett Alexander, John Gedmark) included a section "What needs to be accomplished: Draft standard waiver and release of claims ... Pursue adoption of state legislation limiting liability" and also has a slide on the landmark Virginia law adopted this year.

Mark Timm of NASA gave a
COTS program overview.

Other presentations cover market forecasts, X Prize Cup, ULA, Space Florida, Spaceport America, ISS resupply, training for commercil spaceflight, lots more. Dig in.

And minutes mavens, look for the COMSTAC meeting minutes on the minutes archive
here. (Although at the moment the most recent posting is from the Oct. 2006 meetings, but that should be updated soon.)

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