Shuttle logic

As we await launch of the shuttle Discovery, set for Saturday (although weather forecasts look iffy at the moment), start the weekend off with Rand Simberg's thoughts on the mission (National Review Online); here, the host of Transterrestrial Musings considers the question, "where's the explorer's risking-taking instinct at NASA?" It's a good article about risk that does not mention law or lawyers once. Refreshing.

* * *

And Space.com's Leonard David has
this on the "going-out-of-business trajectory" of the nation's orbiter set for retirement in 2010, with only 16 missions to go.

By the way, as Jeff Foust reports, a new
USA Today/Gallup poll finds that with regard to their view as to money spent on the shuttle program, Americans are "split down the middle."

King Solomon would be proud.

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