Space Law in Ukraine

A new entry for our digital calendar of international space law events: the government of Ukraine will graciously host the upcoming UN Workshop on Space Law, titled, "Status, Application and Progressive Development of International and National Space Law" in Kyiv, Ukraine, November 6-9, 2006.

Ukraine makes for another interesting destination; previous UN space law workshops have taken place in Nigeria, Brazil, Korea and the Netherlands. Check out
reports and proceedings from those events.

If you plan on attending the gathering in Kyiv, it's not a requirement but you may wish to brush up on your Ukrainian space law. But does
Ukraine have any national space law? You bet. Here is a roundup of Ukrainian space laws, mostly in English, courtesy of the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs, or if you prefer, in Ukrainian (courtesy of the National Space Agency of Ukraine.)

If you're counting the minutes until the workshop, here is the
current local time in Kyiv.

And if you do meet a Ukrainian space lawyer, greet him or her with, Добрий день (how do you do?); or, if you've had a bit too much
Ukrainian beer, just go ahead and say, Я вас кохаю (I love you)!

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