Space in L.A.

The annual International Space Development Conference (going on now - May 4-7, 2006, in Los Angeles, California) attracts no shortage of lawyers. You decide if this is a good sign.

Look at the line-up for this year's gathering. Starting with Shana Dale of NASA, I see lawyers on the schedule include Art Dula, Berin Michael Szoka, Pamela Meredith, folks from FAA/AST such as Randy Repcheck and Stacey Zee (as well as AST chief Patti Smith who lots of folks think is a lawyer), Bill White, Prof. Mark J. Sundahl, Tracey Knutson, Kerry Scarlott, along with an assortment of lawyer types who on hand but not wearing their lawyer hats for this event (-- and don't worry SLP won't out you).

Space law and policy topics on the conference agenda include new federal and state legislation, licensing and regulation, space resource appropriation, real property rights, insurance and risk management in commercial launches, tort law issues for private spaceflight, intellectual property rights, the VSE, environmental issues and ITAR reform.

And lots of hot space business topics that lawyers are seriously interested in. (Follow the money to find more lawyers.)

As everyone knows, a space conference cannot claim to be one of the main events of the year unless it warrants it own
special edition page on HobbySpace. Don't miss the ISDC updates and resources there.

Have a great ISDC.
Happy Space Day 2006 weekend.

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