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From EuroNews, here's a short video on space law. Interesting offering. In any case, take it or leave it, it's the only space law video on the Web. (E-mail me if I'm missing anything?) The reassuring voice-over (unfortunately not the voice of Tom Hanks as the mild-mannered space lawyer) confirms, "you may be unlikely to receive a parking ticket, but space law does exist." (Thank goodness or the name of this blog would be Doesn't Exist Law Probe.)

And Rene Oosterlink of ESA and professor of space law at the University of Ghent in Belgium, featured in the video, concludes, the
Outer Space Treaty was drafted at a time when all space activities were governmental while today, most space ventures are private, including launch, telecom, etc. Thus, "there would be a need to review the space treaty."

Speaking of videos, somehow watching Flight of the Phoenix while everyone was in Phoenix at Space Access last week proved insufficiently distracting or satisfying. So I went looking for some other forms of multimedia entertainment. (By the way, now that Prof. Reynolds' podcasting productions get more hits than American Idol, we're waiting for some Insta-vlogging next.) On ESA's site, I found this government-sponsored video on
European space policy. Believe the hype. (Or don't.)

And in connection with NASA's centennial tether challenge, at the Spaceward Foundation, this is a cool video on the
space elevator (from the Institute for Scientific Research). Ride it up.

Sure, there's much more space multimedia online. But what does this blog look like, HobbySpace?

(Wonder what I'll do entertain myself while everyone's at the 25th annual
International Space Development Conference in L.A. next week? Hmm... send me the link if you see a promotional video for the new national space theme park coming to Pujiang Town, or anything like that, will ya?)

Have a multimedia weekend ;)

UPDATE: Almost forgot... a toast to the fifth anniverary of the first space tourism trip; and yes, Space.com videos of Dennis Tito's Soyuz launch and boarding ISS, April 28, 2001.

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