Future space

Phil Bowermaster over at The Speculist, is right -- predicting the future can be addictive.

Here are some of the space-related predictions posted thus far at

  • Shortly after the space elevator opens, a new sport will be introduced -- extreme base jumping. Daredevils will leap from the structure at some point above the atmostphere wearing (highly) heat resistant pressurized suits and a parachute.

  • The Moon will be to the Earth what Hong Kong is to China.

  • When humans encounter aliens for the first time, goth will finally become uncool and ET-ware will become the new "black".

  • When humans encounter aliens for the first time, everything will change. Suddenly, everyone from earth will have a lot more in common than we did before.

  • Once the new subdivisions open up out in the Oort Cloud, the asteroid belt will become a ghost town. Probably not much more populated than it is today.

  • To importance of space to the world's economy will explode after the first space elevator is implemented.

  • Colonization of Mars will be slow because of the long expensive travel time required to get there. Despite the romance, the fairly hazardous conditions will cause most of those with required skills to opt out making it harder for the colony to become self-sufficient.

    Phil invites everyone to go over and post their own visions of the future.

    (Of course, not all predictions concern space; for example:

  • All countries will be united in the Earth Confederation. And the last super power, the country with more influence over the world, will be Mexico.

  • In the future, nobody will have a job, and it won't matter.

  • When everybody has a flying car, it just won't mean as much.


  • In terms of popularity, sex in full-immersion virtual reality environments will quickly and permanently surpass all other forms of recreation. ;)

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