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Over on Tech Law Advisor, taking a moment to reasonably opine that "lawyers and blogging go together like witches and stoning," Kevin Heller references a Wall Street Journal article which reported that in "a survey conducted by blogads.com, lawyers ranked fourth among both readers and posters to blogs. Many of the best-known blogs, such as Instapundit.com, are run by lawyers." The Journal suggests that lawyers have "creative talent" and law practice is "mind-numbing work" thus, something's gotta give. Enter blogs.

Well it is clear, mouthpieces do love to set up their own little blogdoms in which to ceaselessly pop off. And for better or worse, since "law" is this blog's middle name, I shan't hesitate to take note of a few overlapping events for lawyers and blawgers last week (although clearly overshadowed on my personal blog radar screen by the likes of Space Access '06 -- and here's lots more on that) which had wired and wireless counsel alike liveblogging their heads off.

The well-blogged and to some, somewhat frightening,
Blog Law & Blogging for Lawyers conference in San Francisco, April 21-22, co-chaired by Catherine Kirkman at Silicon Valley Media Law Blog and Dennis Crouch of Patently-O, had Joe Gratz doing a bang-up job live-bloggin' the blawg fest, which featured guys like Kevin O'Keefe, who's been warned that "if he isn't careful, he may wind up giving lawyers a good name."

(We certainly can't have that.)

Meanwhile, my buddy Bob Ambrogi covered a bevy of bloggers
at ABA Techshow 2006 - "The World's Premier Legal Technology Conference & EXPO," held in Chicago April 20-22. Because don't let the blawgers fool you, most lawyers traditionally remain slow off the mark when it comes to embracing technology for daily business; however, the early adapters to the latest gadgets, gizmos and software designed for 21st century law practice can't get enough of this event and others like it. I've gone to a bunch of Techshows myself. And while not exactly flying cars (which could at least come in handy for the purpose of fleeing a lawyer seen coming our way), tech developments for the legal industry front continue to prove fairly cool.

But OK. Enough about lawyers. Really.

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