Planet Spaceport

Beyond beautiful New Mexico, there's been lots of action on the spaceports front. From Wisconsin -- where, as Jeff Foust reports, Governor Jim Doyle's signing legislation Friday to establish the Wisconsin Aerospace Authority marks "the first step (maybe) towards the creation of a commercial spaceport in the state," -- to Dubai, Singapore, and back to the US again.

Clark Lindsey reports on
a California bill that seeks a $11 million loan for a Mojave Spaceport "passenger terminal to house training facilities and other customer amenities for commercial spaceflight operations, as well as a hangar to be used for research and development activities."

Clark also points to an item confirming Oklahoma is in "the final stages of obtaining a spaceport license" from the FAA.

In The Space Review this week, Taylor Dinerman writes on the ongoing
battle of the new spaceports.

And here's a cool addition to blogspace. You may have wondered when some forward thinking, hotshot blogger-type -- perhaps even a lawyer, why not? -- might start a blog devoted exclusively to spaceports. Well, one has. Check out the prosaically named blog,
Spaceports, brought to us by blogging lawyer Jack Kennedy of Wise, Virginia. To quote straight from Jack's blog, "Spaceports will enable thousands of people from around the world to go to outer space. The Spaceports Blog will endeavor to provide information linking those with interest in the pursuit of space to spaceport development and the vehicles that fly from them." Cool blogport, Jack!

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