Got space law summer job?

(Sometimes SLP can't help but channel craigslist and post a classified or two...)

A reader who is currently completing his second year at
Loyola University School of Law School in New Orleans, and has survived Katrina, seeks a space law position for the summer.

Benjamin Jarrell writes, "I would love to work in space law in some capacity when I graduate... I am particularly interested in administrative regulation of aerospace by NASA, the DOT, and the FAA -- although as a student I can't say that I have much relevant experience at this point. I am registered for a course on international space law for next semester, and I will probably utilize the material in that class to fulfill my writing requirement. If the paper is good, I would consider trying to get it published in an appropriate journal.

He adds, "I realize I am pretty late in the game in asking, but Katrina threw a pretty big wrench in my job search this year. Compensation isn't as important to me as valuable experience, so if you know of any openings or if you have any friends in the field who could use my help this summer, please let me know or send them my way."

No worries, Benjamin. Contact this future space lawyer at

For more legal employment resources, there's always
lawjobs.com and LawCrossing.

(And doesn't hurt to keep check the
space jobs listings on HobbySpace because I'm certain one day a job for a space lawyer will appear. Currently, I see a new listing for XCOR, which is the kind of company many would pay to work at. Unfortunately, it's not a lawyer position.)

Meanwhile, for future space lawyers seeking to meet space folks and make friends, I recommend joining the
Space Generation, a global network of students, forward-thinking space enthusiasts and future space professionals (which features a big, active e-mail list/community hosted by Jim Volp).

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