Space Law School is Cool

Me, I'm not enrolling. But if you loved law school, want to expand your space law horizons, or just seek from refuge the real world, here's a resource for some ideas, Education Opportunities in Space Law - A Directory (pdf)

Probably could use some updating, but it's an interesting listing of mostly post-grad space law programs, featuring contact information, links and a brief description of each program, broken down by nation. It includes of course, space law education giants like world famous International Institute of Air & Space Law of Leiden University in the Netherlands, and McGill University's Institute of Air and Space Law in Montreal. (Although after Leiden let D. J. Den Herder in, that school's reputation appeared shaky. Just kidding -- hi Dave! Send more

(The Office for Outer Space Affairs compiled this information in "response to the recommendation" of the Legal Subcommittee of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space at its 42nd session in 2003. OOSA "invited a number of institutions to provide the Office with information on their programmes relating to space law. The directory of education opportunities in space law has been compiled based on the information received from those institutions.")

And by the way, it's a compilation of space law programs, not individual classes offered at various law schools. If anyone has of a current list of space law classes and related offerings at US law schools, send it to me! Thanks.

Class dismissed.

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