Friday Flybys (vol. 24)

Been a while since I posted a Friday Flybys (it's all based on whim here on SLP). Since it's the last full week of the first month of 2006, and I do have a few random items, seems like a good idea. . .

* * *

Capitol Storm: It's time again --
ProSpace March Storm registration is on. Put on your citizen advocate hats and prepare to descend on Capitol Hill during the week of February 26th - March 1st, 2006. (Yes, unless you live on Pluto, you've already seen the ads for this on HobbySpace. Which tells us what we already know -- these guys know how to get noticed.)

Space lawyer on The Space Show: Sunday, Jan. 29, 12:00-1:30 PM PST,
Virgil Pop from Romania will be Dr. Livingston's guest on The Space Show talking about space law, Moon property issues and his soon-to-be-available book, Unreal Estate - The Men who Sold the Moon. (Not to be confused with The Man Who Sold The Moon by Robert A. Heinlein, or Wernher von Braun: The Man Who Sold the Moon by Dennis Piszkiewicz. ;)

Speaking of The Space Show, if you missed
Rand Simberg on Thursday, listen now (MP3). (I got the download; can't wait to hear him.)

Out of Abuja: Here are the conclusions, observations and recommendations of the recent
UN space law conference in Abuja, Nigeria (Nov. 2005).

State space: Who knew that state
space policies and business would become such a hot topic?

Enviro Space: In case you haven't looked in the Federal Register lately, here's a hot item, from the Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation:
Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Conduct Public Scoping Meetings for the New Mexico Economic Development Department's (NMEDD's) proposal to develop and operate a commercial launch site near Upham, New Mexico. A page-tuner. (But I guarantee, no comparison in terms of plot and drama to the actual EIS.) And keep in mind, of course, the "successful completion of the environmental review process does not guarantee that the FAA would issue a launch site operator license to the NMEDD. The project also must meet all FAA safety, risk, and indemnification requirements. A license to operate a launch site does not guarantee that a launch license or experimental permit would be granted for any particular launch proposed for the site." (The FAA will hold two meetings to solicit public input -- Feb. 15th and 16th in New Mexico.)

It didn't explode, the crew didn't die instantly and it wasn't inevitable - James Oberg looks at Challenger myths.

Why not?
Sam Dinkin for governor of Outer Space Territory.

Timing is Everything: Right, so I finally caught up with Taylor Dinerman on GPS, Galileo and the US
"chronographical arms race" with the EU.

From Pluto Fast Flyby to New Horizons: In a
lovely essay, Jeff Foust stops to reflect on the voyage before the voyage to Pluto. (And he sure looked cute at CalTech too.)

ConsolidationSat: Intelsat and PanAmSat. SES Global and New Skies. As satellite industry consolidation continues, Futron has an interesting
snapshot of "C-Band and Ku-Band capacity now on orbit around the globe"

Dick Stafford has been adding to that cool
Future Space Access Database.

And over at RocketForge, Michael Mealling posted (via Space News)
Rick Tumlinson's commentary on the space transportation industry consensus statement. (And if you missed all the buzz about the consensus, check out the coverage by Clark Lindsey and Jeff Foust.

J. Matthew Buchanan says on the whole, it was actually a very interesting year in patent law.

Sovereignty: Over in Dan Schrimpster's sovereign blog, I caught up with a discussion in which space settlers declaring independence are king (part
1 and 2).

The Wall Street Journal now has a
Law Blog.

Not for stringheads only: Corey S. Powell reviews
The Cosmic Landscape by Leonard Susskind.

Ooh la la: Via Monsieur Lindsey, cherchez la
French space tourism movie.

At Orbital Maneuvers, Danielle offers a
poem to the stars.

* * *

Happy second anniversary VSE.

And SLP joins NASA in
remembering and honoring the Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia astronauts.

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