New Canadian Space Law

For Canadain space law aficionados, an interesting development in the form of a new bill making its way through Parliament: An Act Governing the Operation of Remote Sensing Space Systems, introduced in the Canadian House of Commons (Bill C-25) in November.

An article on the bill in
Space News points out that, in addition to advancing the commercial remote sensing industry in Canada and providing the government with some controversial authority over satellite operations ("shutter control"), C-25 would also fulfill Canada's obligations under the bilateral treaty with the U.S. signed in 2000, Agreement Concerning Operation of Commercial Remote Sensing Satellite Systems "that fosters broad private uses of commercial remote sensing satellite systems, while protecting common national security and foreign policy interests." (Anybody have a copy of this agreement? I don't have one handy so please send me a copy if you have it.)

We'll watch the progress of this legislation. And of course the big news on the next-generation radar imagery satellite front up in Canada is
Radarsat-2, scheduled for launch late this year or in early 2006.

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