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Is it late January already? I apologize for a lag in Probe transmissions so far this year -- I've been away from the blogosphere on (alas, non-space law variety,) business. . .

Let's get the year rolling right. What's on your space-related book list for 2005? Send me any recommendations and I'll happily add them to Spacelawstation's book showcase.

I finally picked up New Moon Rising: The Making of America's New Space Vision and the Remaking of NASA, by Frank Sietzen Jr. and Keith Cowing, covering the critical months in the life of the civil space program from the Columbia accident, February 1, 2003 to the release of the Presidential Commission report on Moon, Mars, and Beyond on June 2, 2004.. (By the way, in a recent Space.com interview, Frank said the book was "an unfinished story.")

I also want to fly though Delbert R. Terrill, Jr.'s The Air Force Role in Developing International Outer Space Law.

And for fun, and because Mars is the new moon, I traveled to Amazon for a copy of A Traveler's Guide to Mars: The Mysterious Landscapes of the Red Planet by William K. Hartmann.

So what are you reading (I mean when you're not hanging out here in blogspace)...?

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