GPS, GLONASS & Galileo

Never a dull moment in the wide world of navigation satellites.

On the cooperation between the US and the Russian Federation front: Talks began in Washington (December 9-10) on matters relating to GPS and the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS); we have this
joint statement. And we look forward to an agreement for GPS-GLONASS cooperation.

On a more dire note, President Bush
announced US will prepare for partial shut down of GPS in the event of a terror attck. Of course this prompted a thread on Slashdot.

And across the pond in Europe, the European Union last week officially green lighted
Galileo, the 30-satellite global navigation system to rival GPS. Here's the press release from Brussles.

By the way, recall that the US and EU already
signed an agreement (last June at a summit in Ireland, in fact) to adopt common operating standards ensuring compatibility between the GPS and Galileo. (Couldn't find that agreement online, but we'll settle for the White House fact sheet on that.)

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