Got certified?

Intelligent ovens, golf yardage meters, zeoponic plant growth media, temperature control pillows and quilts. How about "a ball point pen that will write smoothly in a vacuum, at any angle, underwater, over grease, in hot and cold temperatures, with an estimated shelf life of over 100 years"? These are among the innovative products to have earned bragging rights and hopefully some serious marketing clout from the Space Foundation under its program to recognize and anoint space products that improve the world. The three categories for space certification: technology, education and imagination. And space certification is apparently so popular its organizers today rolled out a shiny new Space Certification Program Web site. OK, so space certification doesn't come with a satisfaction guarantee like the 100 year old Good Housekeeping Seal, but we love this stuff. Even Space.com is certified. (The Probe can only wish...)

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