O'Keefe Deorbits

Much of Washington and a chunk of the galaxy had been buzzing about it over the weekend, but if Miles O'Brien reports on CNN that Scott McClellan over at the White House has announced it, it must be true: NASA administrator Sean O'Keefe is resigning.

No official word yet from the administrator himself or NASA. Stay tuned.

After a turbulent three years, if O'Keefe is ready to eject from his post at the space agency and become chancellor of
Louisiana State University, and yes, begin raking in those big private sector bucks (versus miniscule government sector buckettes), even before return to flight (scheduled for May), we wish him luck.

As we wait for the official resignation, begin the farwell proceedings with a quick review of Sean O'Keefe's official NASA

Meanwhile, over at NASA Watch, of course, Keith Cowing lays out a short list of
possible O'Keefe successors.

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