Space Station Forever?

OK, so the heads of the space agencies of U.S., Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada huddled together in Montreal (on Jan 26), got all touchy-feely about Space Station cooperation, and in a joint statement, "reaffirmed their agencies' commitment to meet their ISS obligations; to complete Station assembly by the end of the decade; and to use and further evolve the ISS in a manner that meets their research and exploration objectives." Yada yada.

This week Taylor Dinerman over at The Space Review asks what will surely be "one of the toughest questions for the next NASA administrator" --
What do we do with the ISS? And he concludes, "It is not enough just to commit to assembling the ISS to the full 2010 configuration: they will have to come up with a credible plan for what they hope to accomplish up there after it is built. Otherwise, the question arises: why finish it at all?"

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