Godspeed Columbia

As NASA holds a memorial service marking two years since the Columbia accident, and outgoing Administrator O'Keefe lays wreaths at the Columbia and Challenger memorials at Arlington National Cemetery, we can all look forward to the Return to Flight mission -- STS-114 -- under Commander Eileen M. Collins, now targeted for launch sometime between May 12 and June 3, 2005.

Meanwhile, lawyers do what lawyers do. We contemplate legal issues. Me, I took a few moments to review a Congressional Research Service report on Liability Issues Associated With the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster, and another article on the same topic in Jurist by Richard C. Walters, FAA senior attorney and dispute resolution officer. And for good measure, an quick overview from collectSPACE on Stealing the Dream: The Consequences of Stealing Space Shuttle Columbia Debris. Feeling a bit better now.

Countdown, STS-114...

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