Space lawyer = Cool Career!

It's official! According the the authoritative, Wall Street Journal bestseller, Cool Careers for Dummies," (3rd edition, 2007), a cool career for the 21st century is, that's right -- space lawyer.

Cool Careers author Dr. Marty Nemko explains:
As more and more government and commercial satellites orbit Earth, disputes arise. Does a country have the right to launch a surveillance satellite that circles the globe? Who owns which rights to the moon? They're already selling tickets for commercial space flights. What sorts of contracts are needed to protect the spacelines and their passengers? Space law is, as they used to say in the 1960's, a new frontier.


Of course, other more established law specialties like tax lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, elder lawyer, environmental lawyer and intellectual property lawyer make the cool list, too. But a few years ago space lawyer would never have appeared alongside those other practice areas other than as a joke. Now? Seriously cool.

And anyone can become a space lawyer. Don't think of it as just some fallback position for a guy or gal who can't hack it as a bounty hunter, proteomics biologist, volcanologist, wireless device or virtual reality programmer, holographer, heart-lung perfusionist, high-security diving instructor, robotic engineer, silviculturist, beer brewer or funeral director.

Thank you Dr. Nemko. (And by the way, guess which online site appears in the book as the single reference for space law information. Go ahead, guess. (See page 120.) (Marty, can I mail you a check or do you take PayPal? ;)

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