Las Cruces Flybys

Right about now, everybody in NewSpace who is anybody -- and, in some cases, their lucky lawyers, too -- would be in or on their way to New Mexico, USA.

Me? Well, far from the
Wirefly X PRIZE Cup and related hot happenings this week, somebody had to get stuck at work, turn green with envy and sit around just reading all the blog posts from Las Cruces. That's my job.

Of course, we have
live Webcasts (per schedule, Oct. 20-21). And then there's the X PRIZE Cup in 3D via Google Earth (download Google Earth 4 if you don't already have it).

First hand blogspace and other space media accounts of the events are free for the clicking. Two words: Check HobbySpace. (But you knew that.) Clark is live-blogging as well as linking to coverage by Jeff Foust, Rand Simberg, Leonard David and others.

A few items just for starters:

Alan Boyle reports on the gathering of space hot shots at the
International Symposium for Personal Spaceflight, where on the first day Peter Diamandis predicted profits for suborbital space tourism in three to five years; and yesterday, panelists discussed spaceport business.

Robin Snelson has all the coverage of NASA's Northrop Grumman-sponsored Lunar Lander Challenge, featuring John Caramack's Armadillo Aerospace, with updates on the FAA's go-ahead. Good luck John!

Lots more to follow, of course.

(I just hope somebody brings me back a t-shirt.)

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