China Space Policy Update

The Information Office of the State Council of China has released a white paper on the nation's space activities, "illustrating the development of China's space industry over the past five years and its plans for the near future."

The "8,500-character" (how many words is that?) white paper,
China's Space Activities 2006, updates the Chinese government's 2003 white paper on space activities.

According to the 2006 paper, the past 50 years in space development has been "splendid."

Going forward, China -- a country that
spends a 10th of NASA budget on space activities -- will "center its work on the national strategic goals, strengthen its innovative capabilities and do its best to make the country's space industry develop faster and better."

Here is the section on China's international cooperation and its
16 space agreements and memorandums signed with "13 countries, space agencies and international organizations over the past five years." (Xinhau)

The government, as Jeff Foust also noted, wants to create new legislation and to "formulate laws, regulations and space industrial policies for guiding and regulating space activities, increase the level of administration by law, and create a legislative environment favorable for the development of space activities."

Do I have to say it? Look for more space lawyers in China.

* * *
Image: China National Space Administration chief Sun Laiyan, news conference Oct. 12, 2006 in Beijing; CNSA.

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