Our kind of market insight

Heh. UBS's moon market humor is making the rounds. (Now in WaPo and elsewhere, yesterday reported on Simberg's TransMu.)

Yes, intrepid Wall Street
analysts graphed an interesting metric: lunar land prices appear to be a "lead indicator of US house prices." (See the actual chart via Financial Times.)

Never mind the sub-prime implosion, apparently lunar real estate prices began 2007 at $16 an acre and hit a high of $22.50. And this uptick for the moon land sector portends good news for beleaguered housing markets on the home planet in 2008.

Naturally, here on SLP we are all bullish on lunar property. And while I can't necessarily explain mysterious Earth-moon market forces that may come into play (gravity and dark matter usually account for much), if you're thinking of selling your house and investing in a stack of moon paper, I can explain why there may still be time to make any number of
2007 Idiot of the Year lists. ;)

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