No spaceport district, no tax

No kidding. The spaceport sales tax the voters of Doña Ana County approved by referendum in April, to have commenced Jan. 1, 2008, must now go uncollected. As New Mexico Attorney General Gary King opined in a letter this week responding to a bit of understandable confusion, "the county regional spaceport gross receipts tax may not be imposed, collected or enforced absent the formation of a regional spaceport district to which the proceeds of the tax can be allocated."

But no worries, spaceport tax supporters -- the AG wrote: "Because the County enacted the tax prematurely under the law, we conclude that the Taxation and Revenue Department may properly defer enactment of the tax until a district is created." That is, of course, under the Regional Spaceport District Act.

What a country. Think of all the folks who would rather not pay new taxes but must. For some New Mexicans, it is ironic that the tax collector cannot take yes for an answer.

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