Weldon's mission to save the shuttle

Here is a video of Congressman Dave Weldon (R-FL) yesterday at Kennedy Space Center announcing his proposal to keep the space shuttle flying after 2010.

I have not seen the authorizing bill the representative from Florida’s Space Coast will introduce but he admits right off the pad he does not expect his measure to become law, but rather, says he wants it to spark a national debate over the issue. (But that may not happen either if by national debate he means the presidential candidates suddenly consider space a top campaign issue.)

But politics is local, and so are jobs. Rep. Weldon's constituents of course include thousands of KSC workers who would naturally support the move (surprisingly there's no mention of the bill on the
congressman's website as of this morning, where the "Paygo Farce" and Pelosi spending $16 thousand on flowers appear to be top stories; I'll check back).

Hmm. Maybe Weldon should grab his bass guitar and bipartisan congressional rock band the Second Amendments, and go out on tour to ignite support for the shuttle? Here are the Second Amendments playing
20th Anniversary of Farm Aid, and here's the band at the 2007 National Ethanol Conference, and they also amped it up in Iraq to entertain our troops. Why not a Save the Shuttle tour?

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