Satellite radio merger game

Apart from all the Thanksgiving holiday festivities this week, what can we do while awaiting the decision on the proposed XM-Sirius merger?

Hmm. How about a satellite radio merger crossword puzzle?

(This blog is not Antitrust Law Probe, but here on SLP we've seen proposed mergers come and go, and this just might be the first deal to inspire its own crossword puzzle. And why didn't we have this during the ULA saga? Twittling our thumbs during the days when the biggest ULA update was this "News flash: There has been no new unsubstantiated rumor in connection with United Launch Alliance (ULA), the proposed Boeing Lockheed EELV merger, in approximately 48 hours. That's right, in an astonishing development this week, almost two days have now passed since the surfacing of unverified, retracted, variably incorrect or otherwise fact-free reports that the deal has won FTC approval....)

Here are
the clues to the puzzle above.

Yes, a few of the items might be construed as semi law-related. (No worries, indepth knowledge of the Sherman or Clayton Acts is unnecessary.)

Some answers may or may not be found in the documents, filings, comments and other materials posted on the
FCC's XM-Sirius transaction page.

And here are some random obvious answers: Howard Stern, NAB, terrestrial, family friendly, FCC, Circuit City, iPod, Howard Stern, Clear Channel, Howard Stern. Just put 'em in wherever they fit.

Another hint: the answer to 25 across is not Space Law Probe.

Have fun. Listen to space radio while you play.

Meanwhile, as we heard, in a interesting development earlier this month,
FCC sent questionnaires to Sirius and XM seeking yet more information (apparently earlier responsive filings, some of which which Mel Karamzin estimated cost his company $1 million in photocopying alone, proved insufficiently revealing for the regulators). Friday was the deadline for responding. And does this latest action by the Commission indicate approval of the deal is more likely? Less likely? Depends on who you ask. I will refrain from linking to any of the miriad of statements, rumors, reports, etc., but suffice to note many industry watchers in recent months predicted the deal would close by year end. Not so fast.

Also on Friday, FCC issued a Second Protective Order to further safeguard the companies' "highly confidential and competitively sensitive documents."

And in a big development, in a recent interview, former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, who oversaw the formulation of satellite radio rules and the granting of licenses to XM and Sirius, spoke out in support of the proposed merger and called it "pro-competitive."

The waiting game continues.

* * *

(Hat tip and soundtrack: Orbitcast.)

(Oops, almost forget: Check answers

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