Scottish Space Agency?

Well this will not do at all, as an opinion piece in Scotland's Herald this week laments, "Ask someone to picture a Scottish astronaut and they usually come up with Scotty, scratching his head as he attempts to fix a warp drive with a sonic screwdriver."

With Scotland looking a few years ahead to the launching of its
first satellite (that's right, ScotSat-1), a Herald pro-space writer argues Scotland should have its own space agency, or as he put it, "our own wee version of NASA."

And Scottish space entrepreneur Craig Clark believes, "There is a real opportunity now for Scotland to get involved in space industry."

However, as to a government space agency, he concludes, "at the moment, our hands are tied. One of the rules of
devolution is Scotland can't have a space programme." (I'm not sure that's a bad thing. After all, when has a national space program ever gotten in the way of space ventures?)

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