Luncheon with Patti Grace Smith

Pull up a chair at the Washington Space Business Roundtable lunch on Thursday, Dec. 6th as the always appetizing and nourishing FAA Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation, Patti Grace Smith, fills our space plates with her enriching insights on the tantalizing topic, Future of Commercial Space. Yum.

That's at The University Club, University Hall, 1135 16th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. Here is your
invitation and reservation form.

* * *
Also on the lunch menu at WSBR -- which of course is the "leadership forum for the promotion of commercial space business and education" -- this Friday, Nov 30th, Jean-Yves Le Gall Chairman & CEO of Arianespace will be chewing on the topic From Sputnik to High Def. And coming January 24th, Robert Peckham, President and General Manager of Sea Launch will do lunch, topic to be arranged. Also, on Feb. 26th the WSBR "flagship lunch and silent auction" will feature Hamadoun Toure, Director General of ITU.

Loosen your belt a few notches. (And who needs dessert?)

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