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August is no time to slack off on summer book reading. Looking for fresh treeware to slip into your beach bag? I know I am, always. Luckily, the newest editions of Harry Potter the Annals of Air and Space Law are out: Volume XXXII (2007), and volume XXXI (2006). Excellent. And I won't spoil the endings for you. Order lots of copies today. (But don't ask me if the prices quoted are US or Canadian dollars; or why you have to fax a form to Montreal rather then buy these volumes online.)

By way of background, as we know:

"The Annals of Air and Space Law is a journal produced and published by the Institute and Centre of Air and Space Law, Faculty of Law, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Established in 1976, the Annals is devoted to fostering the free exchange of ideas and information pertaining to the law applicable to aerospace activities.

The Annals has been publishing original articles, drafted in English or French, covering the entire spectrum of domestic and international air law and the law of space applications. The contributors are academics and leading practitioners from all parts of the world.

This hardcover publication has become a standard source of reference in the fields of air and space law and will be found in most academic libraries, government and airline offices and specialized law offices.

The Annals are distributed in over one hundred countries worldwide."

Merci and tres cool. And here is the 139-page Annals Comprehensive Index (1982-2007), so you can find articles by keyword, topic and order back issues.

(So is there too much air and not enough space in the Annals? Depends who you ask. It's actually a good mix. But let's just say, this blog is not Air and Space Law Probe. Is it?)

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